Monday, December 3, 2007

Under the weather

We are at the Morongo casino, in Cabazon (map).

I have been fighting back a cold for the last couple days, and yesterday it started to get worse. We did not want Monday morning to find us still on a city street, and I certainly did not want to have to scoot back and forth anyplace while under the weather, so we loaded up and headed east. Our directory showed this casino as the closest convenient stopping point, so here we are.

The casino itself is very nice -- a brand new facility with a 27-story hotel tower, complete with resort and spa. Too bad we are now both feeling crummy enough (Louise came down with it this morning) to go back inside for a massage, something we had talked about on our way here. We did avail ourselves of the restaurant last night -- neither of us felt like cooking.

The only down side is that the RV lot is far away from the casino, and we had to call for a shuttle to get back and forth. (The lot is actually behind the old casino building, which now serves as a bingo hall. Clearly, the tribe's casino operations are thriving.)

We are struggling now with whether or not to move today. We don't particularly want to drive, but our only option here is to go back to the casino for dinner, and the lot we are in has limited appeal. We have heard the Wal-Mart in Palm Desert, just a few miles east, allows overnight parking, and we may head there for a night -- at least I'll be able to buy some more cough drops, and we're low on some other provisions, too. No one wants to have to deal with me if we run out of coffee.

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