Saturday, January 19, 2008

Watching (the new) TV in Brookings

We are at the Elks Lodge in Brookings, Oregon (map). We were here back in May, and remembered it as a nice stop. As a bonus, it's a good bit warmer here than at our last couple of stops. 30 amps of power is keeping our heaters running as needed, and we are even taking advantage of the cable TV hookup, now that we have a TV with a built-in tuner (previously, we had to use the VCR to tune cable or broadcast TV, which was a bit more effort).

We pulled in last night and had a nice dinner at Bella Italia restaurant, just a couple blocks from here. When we checked in, I just paid the $15 for one night. However, last night when I went to bed, I realized that our friends' custom off-road RV, Draco, would be on the block at Barrett-Jackson today sometime between 1 and 2 o'clock (Pacific Time), and I wanted to catch it live. Not wanting to take the chance of being on the road at the critical moment, we elected to just stay another night. Brookings is a nice town, there is a grocery and a Fred Meyer right next door, there are a few restaurants in walking distance, and we have no particular time pressure to keep moving.

So here we are, in Brookings, uncharacteristically watching TV in the middle of the day. (Something of a shame, actually, because this is the nicest weather we've seen in days, and we'd like to be out walking around. Soon enough, though.) Since Speed is one of the channels they get on the cable here, we're watching that way instead of our usual DirecTV, and I must say the picture is a tad better this way. Also, this is the first time we are taking advantage of our new swiveling mount, and I am watching while typing this from the comfort of my easy chair in the penthouse:

I expect Draco will be on the block in the next half hour -- Good luck, Shahn and Ross! After that, we'll head out either on foot or by scooter and take in some more of the town. We'll leave here tomorrow morning and head into California.

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