Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Landfall update

Just a few minutes to post here while we wolf down some lunch.

We are at Red Cross Relief Operation Headquarters in San Antonio. As usual, I can not post the map link. Suffice it to say that we are quartered with the staging operation for the state's emergency response, and it is quite impressive. Of course, the office space we are using was not yet activated when we arrived, and we worked the first seven hours yesterday in 95-100 degree temperatures trying to get the space ready. Somewhere between 3:00 and 4:00 it started to be cool enough to be comfortable; we were there well past midnight. It was an 18-hour day for me.

Today things are a bit calmer, except, of course, that Dolly has slowed down, allowing it to intensify into a Category 2 as it makes landfall. The response is likely to get much larger, as flooding is almost certain, especially if the Rio Grande levees are overtopped.

We were able to talk our way into a 15-amp power receptacle for Odyssey, and that's been enough to keep one air conditioner going full blast since we arrived Monday afternoon. It barely keeps up during the day, but catches up and then some at night. The batteries are holding steady, covering the compressor surges and occasional hot water making.

Many people have inquired about George, or sent well wishes. She has been admitted to the hospital; I ended up taking her there in Odyssey as Louise continued to relief HQ with the box truck. After an hour or so, they told me that the ultrasound showed a kidney stone making its way down one of the ureters, which may account for the whole problem. She also has a slight heart murmer. They are hydrating her with IV fluids, and attempting to move the stone through diuresis. We'll learn today from a follow-up ultrasound if there is any success. We are holding positive thoughts -- if the stone does not move, her entire system can shut down from renal failure. We expect her to remain hospitalized for another few days, which, frankly, is a good thing, since caring for her at home right now would be a bit overwhelming.

More later, after things here quiet down some.


  1. Just wanted to send good wishes George's way.

  2. We too are wishing for a speedy recovery for George. Thanks again for all you two do for the Red Cross!

  3. Sean and Louise, so sorry to hear about your George. Hopefully the hospital stay will be the frosting that puts everything back in order.

    So sorry to hear about the negative feedback on the fuel issue. My gosh, you save so much more in other area's (water, electricty, etc.)... some people are just blind.

    We've been traveling for almost 35 days and will be home soon. I LOVE RV'ing!!!!

    Take care, be safe,
    Mark in Palm Springs

  4. I hope today finds George on the mend,... best wishes from me and my cat Middy!

  5. Ouch! Poor George. My 22-year-old daughter had a kidney stone in December and another one in January. She hurt so much. My female friends tell me that having a kidney stone hurts more than having a baby. I hope George feels much better very soon.



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