Monday, July 21, 2008


We've been deployed to San Antonio, TX to prepare for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Dolly, so we're checking out of our campsite here at McKinney Falls. I'll be driving a rental truck full of technology equipment while Sean drives Odyssey to our new digs.

Further updates when we arrive.


  1. You packed up and left???

    Sheesh - OK, next time you get to choose the restaurant.

    Robin and I had a ball last evening. Hope to hook up the next time you pass through.

    Good Luck and we'll keep in toucn.

    -- Kevin

  2. Louise,

    You didn't say how George is doing. We're also fulltimers with a 12 year old dog, and are always woried about finding vet care when needed. I hope George is doing well, please let us know.

    Gary Faulkner


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