Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Minor diversion

We are at the Sam's Club in Raleigh, North Carolina (map). Raleigh was not really on the most direct route to the coast and more pleasant temperatures, but we knew that would be a two-day drive anyway. But it was only a 20-mile diversion, and we realized we have a pair of reciprocal clubs here and we could probably eek out a free dinner if we stopped.

We had hoped to stay at a small truck stop a bit closer to town, where the two downtown clubs would have actually been within walking distance, just about a mile. As we pulled in, though, there seemed to be a preponderance of shady characters lurking about, and no sooner had I stopped to scope out the best place to park than we were panhandled. It felt to both of us like not the safest place to leave the bus unattended for a few hours, and to top it off, the small truck parking lot was essentially a giant mud puddle, which would have made coming and going in our dinner clothes less than pleasant.

We decided to move along, and this Sam's was the closest backup option. From here we had to scooter into town, so we discretely extracted Chip. We were glad there was plenty of room for us here; by the time we had to wave off the truck stop, it was sunset, and we arrived here in the very last vestiges of twilight -- old Raleigh is the last place I want to be wandering around in the bus looking for parking after dark, as low thick trees are everywhere.

We're still keen on getting to the coast south of here, and so it was a very quick stop. We had a nice dinner at the Capital City Club last night (the Cardinal Club turns out not to serve dinner), and this morning we will be getting an early start, with the goal of Murrells Inlet, SC, where we remember a nice state park.

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