Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We are at the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World store in Ashland, Virginia (map), off I-95 just north of Richmond. We've stopped here before, knew it was available and comfortable, and it was mostly right on our route south. The store has an integral restaurant, the Islamorada Fish Company, that has some decent dinner selections, and it's always fun to browse the store, even if we seldom buy anything (last night was an exception -- I bought a Swedish Firesteel for my emergency kit).

We really need to stop someplace for a couple of days to catch up with ourselves -- I've committed to a magazine article that is due on the 8th, the living room is still full of computer bits from the migration to this new netbook, and I need to take the fresh water pump intake system apart to see why we keep getting air in the lines. But I want to deal with all of this someplace where the daytime temperatures are pleasant, and preferably where it is quiet and serene. So like the snake whose name titles today's post, I keep peering at the maps on Wunderground and pointing the bus towards the warmer shades of orange.

Richmond is hardly far enough, but it was more or less on the most direct route to someplace that is. It was pretty much a straight shot here down US-301, crossing a very wide Potomac River on the Harry Nice Bridge, hopefully our last chance to exercise the E-ZPass transponder for a while. From here we will continue south, aiming for the coast somewhere near the NC/SC border, where we hope things will finally be pleasant enough to settle in for a bit. We are still on-call for hurricane season, though, and Investigation 97L can spin up and change our plans in a heartbeat.

Photo by zmcabee, used under a Creative Commons license.

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  1. You may have to keep driving south to find warm weather. It's still warm here in Naples, FL with a high of 86 forecast today. It's due to cool off in a few days (finally!) but we'll still be warmer than the rest of the country!


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