Tuesday, February 22, 2011

At the roost

There's a Lesson In Here Somewhere...

We are at the RoVers Roost Escapee Cooperative west of Casa Grande, Arizona (map). We are in the "boondock" area where the first night is free, immediately across the street from our friends Tom and Kathy. The sole purpose of our stop here was to visit, and we went to dinner with them last night in town.

We had a great visit. Tom and Kathy are fellow full-timers and, of course, Escapees, whom we met in the Red Cross. Medical issues have kept them trapped here in Casa Grande for the last year, and we can tell they miss traveling. We are holding a positive thought that the latest surgery on Kathy's foot will be the one that finally releases them from their desert bondage, and we can meet up with them elsewhere on the road next time.

In a few minutes we will pack up and head north to the Phoenix environs so that we have plenty of time tomorrow to get settled in someplace for my flight to Memphis. I leave first thing Thursday morning and don't get back until fairly late Sunday night, so we need a place that will be good for five nights; there are a couple of Elks lodges and a casino on our short list. Tonight we will probably end up at one of the casinos just south of the city.

Photo by corydalus, used under a Creative Commons license.

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  1. I saw you cruising through Maricopa earlier today. Odyssey is an even better looking rig in person. Safe Travels.


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