Monday, February 21, 2011

Tucson fly-by

We are at the Desert Diamond casino resort on Nogales Highway in Tucson, Arizona (map). This is a familiar stop for us, having been here twice almost exactly a year ago. On this visit we are just passing through and needed a place to park; we tried the TTT truck stop east of town but it was too crowded and we don't like to deprive the professional truckers of a parking space.

I spent most of the morning on the phone with every RV dealer in town trying to find a new valve assembly for our water pump. I've tried both spares I had lying around (both take-outs) with no improvement, so we definitely need a new one. Unfortunately, it looks like it will have to be ordered from elsewhere no matter what. We might have a dealer in Phoenix order it, or I might have one sent to one of our friends meeting us in Death Valley. In the meantime, we have a pump that is working only marginally.

With no luck on the water pump front, we will be heading out in just a few minutes. This evening we will be in Casa Grande to visit friends.


  1. time to bust a buck and buy a new pump......

  2. @Anonymous: I don't think so.

    New valve unit = $27 plus shipping (less than a pound).
    New pump = $249 plus shipping (around ten pounds)

    I'll stick with replacing the valve for less than a tenth the cost of a new pump.

  3. my apologies, i was under the impression that a new shur flo pump was about $85 $27 dose sound better.

  4. @Anonymous: I think you could get a 12-volt single-speed model for that. Odyssey's pumps are 24-volt, variable-speed (steady pressure with no accumulator required).

    Considering they've been energized continuously for over 55,000 hours and the main one has pumped over 20,000 gallons of water, I can't really complain too much about the level of maintenance, which has been minimal.


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