Monday, December 5, 2011

Chiefly eastbound

We are at the Walmart in Chiefland, Florida (map). I would have liked to stop another 45 minutes or so east of here last night, but this is the last "legal" Walmart en route to Orlando, and other than a truck stop on I-75 there are no other good stopping opportunities along the way. Louise said it was appropriate, since "Chief" is my qualification under the new Red Cross relief structure.

There was a decent Mexican joint in the shopping plaza here, although they would not serve us any beer or wine on a Sunday night. In addition to doing a little shopping in the store, we also picked up The King's Speech at the Redbox, which is a wonderful film. I had seen most of an edited version on my flight to Birmingham back in April, but it was new for Louise, and I enjoyed it a second time, without the redactions.

No sooner had I posted the blog and started the engine yesterday, than Angel went and threw up. This of course, right after we had the discussion between us about how well she was doing and that we were confident in leaving Tallahassee, before clicking "book now" on the Disney reservation site. We decided to press on regardless, because Orlando certainly has plenty of veterinarians, and one isolated barf among the many indicators of overall improvement did not really make for a crisis.

Fortunately, she made it through another night without throwing up, and she's been continuing to eat fairly normally, so we are hopeful that she is continuing to improve. In a few minutes we'll continue on to Fort Wilderness. I'm hoping we get assigned a site with enough gap in the trees to get online.


  1. My cat is 16 years old, and when she was throwing up and the Vet didn't find a cause, he said to give her more wet food and reduce the amount of dry food, and to only give her chicken or beef, and add rice. She would not eat it if I added my own cooked rice. I was able to find some canned cat food that had rice in it. His recommendations have helped.

  2. Hi Louise! Thanks for the comment. I hope we do ride together someday. The ST1100 was a great bike.


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