Sunday, December 4, 2011

A mouse for an ailing cat

We are at the Walmart on the east side of Tallahassee (map), just ten miles from the Walmart on the west side (map) where we spent last night. We wanted to give Angel another day of observation before deciding to move along and away from the Northwood Animal Hospital. There are four Walmarts in town, and only one prohibits overnight parking -- the one closest to the vet, natch.

We had a nice dinner Friday night at the University Center Club, which is in Doak Campbell Stadium at FSU. We've been there enough times now that we know right where to park Odyssey, at the campus shuttle bus station near the stadium. After dinner it was only a short drive to the Walmart on the west side, a familiar stop for us (as is this one).

We spent most of the day in that lot, keeping tabs on Angel. She's actually eating now on her own, which is an excellent sign, although we are continuing with the subcutaneous fluids. By mid-afternoon we were pretty convinced she was on the mend and that we could leave town, but with this other store just a few miles away and on our route anyway, an extra night of insurance was an easy choice.

After another couple of meals and a return to her "normal" behaviors, which include supervising whenever either of us is in the kitchen, and waiting right by the front door, sometimes trying to dart out, whenever I walk the dog, we are now comfortable heading away from the latest vet. I spent this morning looking at maps.

We've already missed the annual Nordhavn open house in Stuart, which ended yesterday. So we will continue to slow-roll to that general area to look at whatever boats might be there whenever we arrive, and I am hoping by rolling slowly enough another couple of interesting boats might show up, at the end of the annual southward migration down the ICW. In the interim, we thought we might try to spend some time in Cocoa Beach, to catch up on the backlog of projects around the house.

Looking at the maps this morning I noted that we'd be going right through Orlando on the way to Cocoa Beach, and while it's only been a year since our last visit with the mouse, this is the cheapest time of the year at Fort Wilderness, and the holidays are always so festive there, even if you never enter a theme park. I just finished making a reservation for arrival tomorrow and departure on Friday, at a relative bargain of $64 per night for a full hookup site. We'll do our usual trick of spending all day Friday in the parking lot outside the campground, which will give us a full four days at Disney World.

There is no point in arriving at Fort Wilderness too far ahead of the afternoon check-in time, since sites are often not yet ready. So we'll have all this afternoon and most of tomorrow to get there, which will put us somewhere between Chiefland and Belleview tonight.

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