Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We are in the parking lot of the Valley River Center mall, in Eugene, Oregon (map). We've stayed here before, and it is a wonderful spot, right along the river. The riverfront trail runs along here as well, and the mall itself is a short walk away. We spent an hour shopping after we arrived yesterday afternoon.

We had a nice drive up the Umpqua river yesterday, even though it was overcast and rainy the whole way. We stopped at Northwest RV Surplus and Supply just south of town to pick up a few replacement switches for the dashboard, where some of the older ones have simply worn out. I had also planned to put some fuel in, but it skipped my mind, and we were unable to run the generator last night when we wanted a little heat. Fortunately, the Webasto dip tube is a bit longer, and we had no trouble making heat that way this morning.

Last night our good friends Brad and Kathleen stopped by with their dog Jackson, and after a few minutes of conversation and dog affection the four of us walked over to Olive Garden for dinner. We had a great time catching up with them over the course of the evening, including hearing about his new venture, promoting RVing in Oregon.

Today we will continue north to Portland, where the cheapest diesel in the state can be found, and then across the river to Vancouver and Peninsula Glass for some service on our windows. I expect we will be in their parking lot overnight.


  1. SWEEET! you are coming to Bus-n-USA in Rickreall!

    1. Mike, Bus'n' USA is a long time from now... we'll most likely already be headed east by that time in June. But if we happen to still be in the PNW when June 21st rolls around, we'll certainly look into heading back down to OR.

  2. How funny is it that I find your blog for the first time today and I am in Vancouver, Washington! Enjoy your trip through our (very wet) area!


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