Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Window dressing

We are at Peninsula Glass in Vancouver, Washington (map). We've been here several times before, and the company principals cringed when we pulled up. As I am typing, George-the-service-guy is working on the lone remaining leak aboard Odyssey, a small drip in the middle track of one of the windows that this company made for us.

Our friends in Portland turned out to be unavailable last night, so after a brief stop in that city to take on 200 gallons of fuel at a relatively low $4.09 per gallon, we proceeded across the Columbia to Washington. We arrived here at 3:30, just a half hour before closing time. That was too late to start the repairs, but at least they were able to take a look at it, and schedule us for first thing this morning.

I suspect they will be done in no more than an hour or so, and we will be back on the road. It's just about a three hour drive from here to our final destination, Infinity Coach in Sumner. We should arrive there before closing time today, to get settled in and chat about the plan of attack on our project list there. Tomorrow we have set aside for helping them get those projects started so that they can proceed without us while we are in New York.


  1. Sean what will you do with the cat's while your in NY?

    1. The cats have a reservation at the "Pets Hotel" in the nearby PetsMart store. This is the first time we will be using this particular service, but we have generally been happy with the other services at PetsMart.

      We hate to kennel them (and they hate it, too), but we don't know anyone here who can watch them while we are away.

    2. Sound like you need a Bus sitter!! And I'm sure you guy's are going to take them on the boat also. FYI as a past Live Aboard one of my little guy's went over board one night and didn't find him for 5 days on the next finger pier piling under the floating dock.

  2. Sean, did you ever get the broken window replaced where you only have the single pane of glass? Your post about the window company reminded me of this. Maybe you did and I missed that post..... Rod


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