Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sudden departure

I'm making a quick blog post here, under way out of Elizabeth Harbor, because we will likely be offline for the foreseeable future. As always, status updates will then be on Vector's Twitter stream.

We were hoping to spend a week or so in Georgetown, and we've only spent three nights. But weather today is absolutely perfect for crossing to Conception Island, and we have a buddy boat, so we decided to seize the opportunity. As a testament to how good the weather is, we are in a parade of over a dozen boats leaving the harbor for Long Island or Conception Island.

Our anchorage, from the deck at the Lumina resort.

We enjoyed our brief stay, making a stop at the Exuma Market for provisions and having dinner at the brand new Lumina Resort on Stocking Island. We also enjoyed cocktails with friends Bill and Gayle aboard Spiraserpula and with Steve and Barb aboard Maerin.

While having cocktails we learned that Steve and Barb were thinking of heading east to Conception Island. While we had our sights set on the somewhat closer and more developed Long Island, we decided to join them for a few days instead.

Conception Island is remote, undeveloped, and a National Park, and I am pretty sure we will not have any signal there. Long Island is more developed and does have a tower; it's possible we will get some email and a quick weather check as we pass by within a few miles later today.

I'll be saving my blog posts to a text file from now on and will upload the next chance I get.

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